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Otakon 2017 Report!

Otakon 2017 Report!
Hey guys! 
This past weekend was Otakon 2017 held in the Walter E. Convention in DC!
It was the first year that Otakon had to move to DC due to renovations to the Baltimore Convention Center so I didn't know what to expect in terms of attendance, space, loading in, locations, etc. I started the trip feeling pretty discouraged. The week before the convention, Otakon Artist Alley staff sent out an email that told us we could NOT use any sort of carts to load in our merch and displays. This, WAS A PROBLEM. They did say rolling luggage was okay so I ended up purchasing a huge duffel bag on wheels the night before the convention.
When we arrived to the convention, my AMAZING friend Jeremy was there to give me a hand. I ended up making 2 trips. One with everything and one with my extra work table. Had it not been for Jeremy it would have been 3-4 trips probably. So THANK YOU!!!
King Bearemy himself ^^^
(I saw people using carts very similar to both of mine and it admittedly made me angry)
X Things that weren't cool X
I've heard people say that there weren't many people attending Otakon and that wasn't true at all. There were hundreds of people at the convention, but they placed pro row artist in the front of the AA, autographs to the side, and the art show to the other side.
There was no real reason to go explore Artist Alley in the back since so much was going on in the front and sides. I was told Otakon did not set the spaces, but the convention did....I hope next year they give guest their own room in the convention center and not take attention from people who paid to be there. 

It's pretty hard to focus on sales, when in the other corner you heard tons of screaming fans.... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

That being said I did have moments I enjoyed!
First up, my display!
This is my last anime convention of the year so I wanted to do something different with my display. I did not test this display out before hand. I drew what I was expecting to do, but it is kind of hard to really know. I ended up winging it on Thursday night and I LOVED IT SO MUCH! My friend Bearemy told me I'm starting to look like a real store so that was the theme I was keeping in mind. I did not make good use of my peg boards at Animazement so I wanted to put them to real use for Otakon. I just really loved how it turned out -cries- 
There is always room for improvement with my displays so I'll take what I discovered and reapply it for next year's season!

 Check in and getting my badge was super quick and there was food in AA and the Dealer Hall so we didn't have to travel too far (but it was pricey!)
Lastly, Thank you everyone who came by to say hi and support Kurier Korrekt! I met a lot of new friends and young aspiring artist, as well as some familiar faces! I also got to eat some really yummy food! I do like the new location, but hopefully they will iron out the bumps for next year!


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